QB Start/Stash/Drop

Have Jimmy G and was stashing Case Keenum to see how the new roster goes, but Mariota is also currently available. Best non-QB drops are locked from the Thursday game, so should I keep what I’ve got or drop one for Mariota?

I would leave it as is. I have Corey Davis on my team, but I’m not sure how to feel about the Titans yet. They looked bad in preseason, regular season is a totally different game. I think Keenum has a better overall offense to work with, and the defense should still be very good so the offensive plays will add up nicely.

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Solid take, I appreciate it

Jimmy G will be good this year, Case Keenum should be a good QB2, im also not 100% sure on Mariota this year. I would keep it how you got till Week 2 then decide