QB Stream options

Stafford on his bye week has left me with the following waiver adds:

R. Wilson vs. Oak (In London)
Luck vs. Jets
Mayfield vs. Chargers
Trubitsky vs. Miami

Which order do I rank these options?

Wow how are these guys still available in your league!? Is ur league 4 point of 6 point per touchdown?

  1. Wilson
  2. Luck
  3. Mayfield
  4. Trubitsky

That would be my rankings for these QBs this week…

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12 team .5 ppr 6 point TD


Is Winston not available? I would put him right after Wilson if he is.

Winston is not available

I would go luck he’s throwing the ball 1000 times a game right now.

Edit: also they showed last week they can move the ball and with them getting extra rest coming off the Thursday night game look for him to come out firing