QB Stream - Week 11

Mariota vs PIT
Cutler vs TB
Bortles vs CLE

Opponent has Alex Smith vs NYG if that matters :frowning:

If I say Cutler, do I get banned?

Is Manning available?

Nope, someone has been sitting on Eli for a few weeks now.
@jagermoot at this point of the season it might be the right answer…lol

QBs on waivers are:

Cutler vs TB
Bortles vs CLE
Gabbert vs HOU
Savage vs ARI
Osweiler vs CIN
Trubisky vs DET
Flacco vs GB
Peterman vs LAC
Tyrod vs Sean McDermott

my choices are very sad lol


As scary as it is for me to say this. I say Bortles. Cleveland has a good run d and Bortles may need to throw. If Im not mistaken the Browns are in the bottom half of the league in pass D

Do not start Tyrod since he has been benched for a rookie.

That Tyrod one cracked me up. I say Mariota. Tough match-up but better QB in a better offense.

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Haha figured I would sneak that one in there. I was thinking between Cutler or Mariota. I know Mariota is banged up after the last game but i’ll probably lean Mariota since last week, TB did shut down McCown and the Jets a bit.

What’s sad is the more I ask this question, the more varied answers I get lol. I’m so confused.

Mariota: tough matchup/ better offense/ shoulder & ankle are sore
Bortles: great matchup/ browns have highest pressure/ bortles bad passer under pressure
Cutler: decent matchup/ fantasy pros rank him lower than the others/ not a good rusher/ TB just shut down McCown


Bortles is probably youre best bet. decent matchup and he hasnt been as terrible as before. cleveland has a good run D so they will be passing. cutler not consistant but game scrip will be him passing and mariota is playin in Pit…

Yeah Im in the same boat as well I think Bortles will be a good spot start for this week.

In the exact same boat as I lost Tyrod…gonna pick up Bortles and pray.

yeah I had D Watson then i picked T Taylor and lost both of them I picked up Goff and Eli but not sure on who i should stream this week. Do you guys have any thoughts?

Stream Eli. He has a great matchup vs KC.
This week is Goff’s test to see if he really is a good QB.

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thanks for the advice, do you think Shepard over Cooks or K Allen would be a good play this week?

Thats a really tough call. I honestly like all 3, But I would probably play Shepard over Allen

I think you should play Shepard too. He will get a lot of targets against KC.

Thanks For the help guys

if its any consolation, i have mariota and bortles. and im going mariota because he is just a better QB in general.

I’ve got Bortles on the waiver wire. And mariota starting for me. Phillip rivers on my bench, and i might go after Ryan fitz or Bortles. I do not vote cutler. Look at his ceiling. I feel like mariotas floor against a good defense is higher than cutlers ceiling. Didn’t mariota tear up the Seahawks with Sherman and without Corey Davis? To me I think mariota. I think mariota turns it up against the Steelers. And the jags turn the offense down vs the browns. Similar to every other team that plays them.