QB Stream Week 4

10 man 1/2 PPR

I am having a hell of a time deciding which QB to start this week.

My options are Wentz, Keenum, Manning, or Fitz.

Keenum has not been great, but I like the matchup.

Wentz did not perform well, but he didn’t really have any weapons

Manning’s matchup is juicy, but he hasn’t really impressed me this season

For Fitz I am just wondering when this crazy ride is going to end, and the Bears D make me think it may be this week.

Starting Lineup:



Any feedback would be appreciated!

I like Keenum or Eli, and for me, I’d go with Eli. NO defense is so god awful.

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With Tate listed as questionable would you flex Davis or Boyd if Tate doesn’t end up playing?