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QB streamer. Cutler or Fitz


Streaming QB. Who would you rather have?
Smok’n Jay Cutty or Fitz Magic?


I like Fitz with Evans coming back. On the road, but still trust him more than Cutler.


Yo I concur


I would agree except Fitz was pitiful last week . However, the game should be reasonably close and Cutler will be less likely to throw.


Is Gabbert available?


I like him better than both of them-


Blaine Gabbert is available. Do you think he’s better?


I guess the question is Gabbert, Cutler or Fitz?


If it were me I would rather have Gabbert-Fitz is an ok play-Gabbert can run as well and I think he wants to show teams he can be a starter in the league-I hope that works for ya! Good luck!


I won’t ride the cutler coaster!!!


Right on thanks!