QB streamers for week 11?

So I lost Aaron Rodgers and Tyrod was my replacement. With Tyrod now benched, I have to stream the position for the reast of the season.

I added Blake Bortles (barf) for now, but this is literally all that is available (14 team league):
Gabbert @ Texans
Dalton @ Broncos
Savage vs Cardinals
Osweiler vs Bengals
Hundly vs Ravens
Keizer vs Jaguars
Peterman @ Chargers

Dude that’s a crappy group to pick from. I’m gonna hate it as much as you but I’d stick with Bortles. But first thing I️ would do is pair up my guys and go trade a two for one deal on a QB. Someone has Goff or something sitting the bench behind their starter.

Yeah stick with Bortles, safer and higher upside

I’ve been considering a trade. I have both Kamara and Ingram and thinking on moving one for a QB. My other RBs are Gordon, Zeke (susp), Perine, Montgomery and Gillisley. We only start 1 RB but have 2 flex and my WRs are marginal at best. Crabtree, Maclin, Golladay, and Kupp. We start 2 WRs.

Another vote for Bortles BLEURGH

if bortles isn’t an option who would be the next choice?