Qb streamers of the week

Flacco, Baker, or Manning!?

Who are you fellas starting this week?

I would start Flacco, he’s going up against Brees and we all know every game against new orleans can turn into a shootout

Think Eli has more weapons to use?

Im going to have to stream this week as Big Ben is on bye and these are the options…

Tannehill, Dak, Manning, CJ Beathard, Darnold, Keenum.

What do you all think? I know Manning is a stream of the week but it scares the crap out of me. My team is on a byepocalypse so probably won’t win anyways.

I’m in the same boat with Big Ben on bye. I have baker and flaco rostered by i’m starting to think i like Eli’s chance at big plays more. Sure his deep ball seems non-existent, but the weapons he has could create some serious YAC and take it to the house against the terrible Falcons D. Out of those you listed, I’d say Manning.

I’m in the same boat with Russell on bye. Would you guys pick Trubisky over Manning this week? I have them both rostered cuz I’m torn…I like the fact that Trubisky runs.

Yeah Trubs has been playing pretty good. I’d go with him

Yeah. I’m streaming Trubisky this week with Rodgers on a bye week.

QB Streamers are very interesting this week. Right now I have the options of Mayfield or Flacco. Mayfield is playing at Tampa Bay whose Defense is in shambles. If he wants to go off, this is the time. Flacco is playing at home against New Orleans. It’s going to be a shootout and Flacco has been throwing a lot this season.


I’m starting Flacco over Baker. I am in the exact same scenario. Picking Flacco over Baker and Eli.

Any other opinions? I find myself leaning closer to Baker the closer to sunday it gets.

I hate myself for this. If I was in the streaming shoes this week I’d probably be cringing while putting Manning in.
Close my laptop. Turn off the TV. Pull my blankets up and just sleep 'til Monday morning. Take a nice long shower to remove the dirty feeling. Have a coffee. THEN check the scores.

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Because of Manning’s weapons by the way.

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Yeah that’s also what my thoughts have been. I keep going in circles trying to pick the right guy. Engram is coming back which should be a huge addition to that whole offense. Feel like NO’s defense could be coming around. Meanwhile, ATL and TB show no signs of stopping anything… I just don’t know!

EDIT: Borltes and Dak are also available but i dont think i’d play them

Manning and Flacco have the same accuracy issue that would have me scared playing either right now.
I cannot recall where I heard/read this metric but someone was pointing out that a lot of Flacco’s passes have been absolutely uncatchable.

Issue is… So are Manning’s right now. I was so distracted by OBJ throwing a tantrum that I did not realize almost all of the wideouts were getting equally as frustrated and ready to just stop chasing these impossible passes around.

If I were to gamble between the two I’d take Manning’s weapons having the better chance of making plays with what little he has to offer.

With the small sample size that we have on Baker I just am not ready to trust him. He’s showing a very low ceiling. The biggest thing I’ll say in Baker’s defense is if you can get him this week. He shows up. Plays great. Breaks that ceiling and raises it up. He’s got a beautiful schedule ahead.
But if you pick him up. He poops those big boy shorts. That schedule means nothin’.

Yeah i have Big Ben on bye, so i picked up Flacco and Baker. Just can’t decide between the two. I also can’t decide if i want to drop one of the 2 and grab Eli.