QB Streaming Desperation - HELP

My starting QB is Dak, and I gave up my backup QB a few weeks ago when I had more pressing roster needs. So now I’m in a position where I desperately need to pick up someone other than Dak to start until he pulls it together, and the best options on the board are (no joke) Winston, Hundley, and Bortles. Bortles and Winston have the best matchups through playoffs… but, you know, they’re Winston and Bortles.


Any change that McCown is available for you. If not, Winston is lessor of two bad options. Jags are a running team first because they want to limit bortles mistakes.

I meant it when I said that these are the best options on the board. Except for maybe Gabbert? He still put up a pretty decent game against Jacksonville, and his sample size is smaller but so far looks fairly reliable even if not earth-shattering…