QB Streaming Struggle

Anyone struggling with me in streaming QBs? It has been a STUGGLE! Here’s my QBs through this week:
W1: C. Newton vs MIA: 25 points
W2: C. Newton @ SEA: 33 points
W3: C. Newton vs LV: 10 points
W4: M. Stafford vs NO: 22 points
W5: G. Minshew @ HOU: 19 points
W6: Big Ben vs CLE: 10 points
W7: Big Ben @ TEN: 12 points
W8: R. Tannehill @ CIN: 17 points
W9: R. Tannehill vs CHI: 14 points (Bears had several defensive injuries)
W10: C. Wentz @ NYG: 8 points
W11: M. Ryan @ NO: 5 points
W12: D. Carr @ ATL: 0 points

Yep! It’s driving me insane. I have never, in 15 years of playing this game, had this much trouble replacing QB production (I had Dak).

I’ve used a lot of the same guys you listed (Big Ben in the same two games, Wentz, and Matt Ryan). I tried Daniel Jones this last week and he started out looking pretty good…then got hurt. It’s starting to get a little ridiculous how hard it is to find a consistent 18-20 points from the QB position. The “easiest” position to stream outside of K and DST.

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I lost Dak myself.

I got lucky and picked up Tannehill. He has had only 3 below 20 point performances (depending on scoring format of course), but he has been doing quite well here recently.

He gets CLE and Jax the next 2 weeks, followed by a downward spiral of a DET team. GB rounds out week 16, but he has produced against some pretty tough defenses, so I am not scared of GB defense.

He certainly isnt replacing Dak’s weekly 40-burgers, but he has made it not sting so much.

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I’m getting so desperate that I’m thinking of streaming Rivers the rest of the season…

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Streaming P. River is not a bad idea, on paper. He plays HOU, LV, HOU the next 3 weeks.

Just championship week (week 16) he plays PIT.

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Yeah, agreed. Playing Derek Carr yesterday was painful and I hope that was rock bottom. I might snag Tannehill or Wentz and just stick to it. Last year was so much easier, I’m not sure why this year is such a struggle.

Yeah, I know Tannehill has some nice games ahead so I might just pick him up and cruise with him. My only concern with those matchups is that they might lean heavily on Derek Henry. But their offense is just so hyper efficient, it might work out.