QB Streaming Wk2 and Rest of Year

Had Jameis and Kyler last week (wish I played the right one) and just dropped Kyler for Josh Allen. Should I also drop Jameis and pick up Carr?

I know those are the two best options this week but not sure for the next couple of weeks. Think Jameis can potentially figure it out fantasy wise and be good ROS. If he has a good week vs Carolina he will for sure be sought after on waivers. Streaming is always tough because you never know when guys will be picked up and never dropped.

Why did you drop Kyler? He’s going to be throwing a ton plus is mobile. I think you should keep Josh and Kyler.

I figured he’d have the best opportunity to get through waivers with the matchup against Bmore. Jameis plays NYG next week and didn’t want to roster 3 qbs. Definite risk but that’s the stream life.