Qb struggles, who do I go with?

Drafted cam really late thinking he was going to show out this year. He’s been a dumpster fire and here is who is on waivers:

Kirk, Flacco, Jacoby and Minshew. Should I go after a lesser qb for trade or are any of these even playable?

That’s a rough group. I’d trade for one if you can get one for a good deal.

Only one worth anything right now is Beef Brisket, and he still isn’t throwing quite enough to make him fantasy relevant. You might have to trade unfortunately. Could always take a swing at Daniel Jones, but wouldn’t have high hopes for that.

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Trade targets? Maybe a stafford or something of that sort?

Would Kyler Murray be worth anything?

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I wouldn’t trade anything away for a QB of that tier (Stafford / Murray). I’d take my shot on Jones before going out to the trading field, where I’d target someone like Goff, Dak or Allen.

With my rb depth in a 14 man leauge I just traded for stafford for Carlos Hyde. I own Hopkins so I didn’t like having my two players from the same team