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QB struggles


Do I start Wentz? Cousins? or Pick up Smokin Jcutty?


I’m Starting Cutty over Cousins this week. Probably would over Wentz also.


I think it depends on your match-up in fantasy as much as the NFL match-ups.

No denying that Jay Cutler has a delicious looking game against the Jets and he’s pretty high on everyone’s list as a streaming option. I personally feel there is some boom-bust to this one. The Jets are at home and Cutler has only played one game to give us any sort of insight as to how he’s clicking with Miami. The early indication is that he and Parker could have good chemistry so there is your Boom. The Bust could be there since we just don’t know that much about this offense yet.

Wentz is off to a hot start and has put up good games against WAS (17th most points given up to QB) and KC (6th most points given up to a QB) and is taking on NYG next. NYG have given up the 14th most points against QBs through two weeks so I’m feeling okay about Wentz’s chance of keeping things going for a 3rd week. Neither team has much of a run game, so if points are going up on the board my hunch is that they are going up through the air.

Cousins I’m not sold on yet as a full fledged starter yet. In deep leagues maybe, but I think on a week to week basis there are better streaming options than Cousins. He hasn’t shown us much and even though he’s got options on offense, the production just hasn’t been there yet.

Overall, I’d start Wentz if you’re feeling good about your match-up but prepared for maybe a bit of a cool down this week. I’m not super optimistic he’ll go a 3rd week with 300+ yards and 2 TDs, but hey it could happen.


I’ll bench cousins this week and will start wentz i think.