QB Superflex Upgrade Thoughts?

In a 12 team dynasty startup, I managed to draft Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson as my QB and Superflex. I’m receiving a lot of trade offers from a guy who hoarded QBs in the draft, most notably DK Metcalf and Lamar Jackson for JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Alex Barnes and Jameis Winston.

It seems fairly equitable to me, but I’m a bit of a non-believer in Jameis and am interested in seeing what Metcalf can pull off. Is there value here and am I just being jaded by the Metcalf hype?

Jameis is gunna ball out with Arians. And LJ’s appeal is his run game. I think this upside in that regard gets leveled in SF, as total touchdowns is what will matter. The SFs I’m in at any rate do 6pt tds. So LJ is going to need to run a ton, and get some ground TDs to make up the difference in scoring compared to conventional QBs

I personally like Barnes and am trying to get him with my last pick in all rookie drafts. I am not a Henry believer, and Lewis is mediocre at best and is getting old.
DK is a lot of hype but will have an immediate role, whereas JJ may get buried for a year or two before emerging. Personally I like side B.


I would jump on that trade like white on rice.

Winston > Lamar

JJ Arcega > DK Metcalf

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Thanks guys, ended up taking the trade. Let’s hope it pays off :v:

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When Henry has 20 for 53 and 19 for 59 weeks 1&2 and Barnes starts kicking his ass on ypc it will