QB TE late drafting strategy

If I plan on picking up a late QB and TE and use the footballers streaming strategy do I grab someone in the tier 4 range for both or do I pick up more RB WR depth and push it to tier 5 or 6 level player? Am I getting enough valuable back up RB WR to make it worth taking week to week streamers like a Newton or Minshew type for QB or Smith or Hurst or Jarwin at TE?

For me TE and QB are separate here. For TE I keep an eye on the last couple guys I’d be ok with as a starter (Gesicki, Cook, and Jarwin for me) and grab one of them when the other guys have been picked up.

For QB I feel like I’m much more comfortable falling below even my ‘expected’ tier (tier 4 or 5 personally) because this position is just so streamable (much more so than TE). So if I end up with Minshew as my starter, I’m ok with that because it damn sure means I’m loaded at hopefully all of my other positions.

To answer your actual question, I’d wait for a tier 5-6 for QB but make sure I get a TE that I’d actually be ok with as opposed to the more bottom of the barrel (tier 4ish)

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totally agree with @allcaps18 on this one. (nice agreeing on posts while I’m scrolling the forums btw)

I don’t Go QB until Round 10 at the earliest, sometimes you’ll find Stafford still there. I wouldn’t wait past Round 12 for your starter… My opinion, at that point your looking at Minshew/Goff.

(Should of clarified, these are for 12 player drafts.)