QB & TE Start/Sits


Couple of start sit decisions i’m mulling over for this week, in an 8 team 0.5 PPR.

Firstly at QB, Goff or Ryan? I’ve mentally locked Goff in all week, but now hearing that Chancellor joins Sherman in missing the rest of the season I feel like Ryan could be worth a play against a weakened D? Seattle will clearly score so gamescript could be there that he’s passing towards game’s end, and a beat-up secondary might let Ryan make some plays.

Also at TE, Engram or Graham. I’m leaning Engram. They’ve both got middle-of-the-road match-ups, but Engram’s involvement is locked and loaded. Graham’s utilisation is mostly in the red-zone, but Atlanta have only given away 1 TD to the TE on the year, so I don’t know if his upside is there.

Appreciate the help guys!

Engram with Sheppard news but I’d stick with Goff flacons losing Freeman will limit them going down field and Ryan hasn’t proved he’s worth selecting this year