QB thoughts?

Theres slim pickings on waivers (Foles, Fitzpatrick, Haskins, etc). I currently have Rivers/Kyle Allen and their respective top WRs. Do I stay put and pick the best match up or are one of those guys picking up?

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I’d just play the matchups. I’m mildly interested in Foles due to him being a mystery in terms of what he offers for fantasy.

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Ok thanks, does that change if wentz was just dropped? He has great playoff matchups as well.

Yes I would take Wentz over Foles.

First, I agree you should move on from Rivers and K. Allen. Both are basically unplayable for the rest of the season according to my model. I would also avoid Wentz. I keep hearing he has good playoff match ups, but according to the Stream Finder his Week 15 opponent, Washington, gives up the 19th-fewest points to QBs, and his Week 16 opponent, Dallas, gives up the 28th-fewest. My model has Wentz projected to be the QB20 over the rest of the season, and the QB24 Weeks 15-16. I realize the model could be wrong and that there are other factors, like the availability of his pass-catchers, to consider, but I’m avoiding him.

Foles is interesting to stash and see how he does. His playoff schedule is decent AND he has a Week 13 match against Tampa whose defensive players treat opposing pass-catchers like they have cooties.

There is some risk, but given the options you listed I would pickup Fitzpatrick. It’s not a good match up this week, but after that he’s projected to be the QB7 Weeks 12-16. Ideally I would add Fitz and Foles and just hope for the best this week with Fitz vs. Buffalo. If Foles comes on, he could be a good answer for the rest of the season.

My full QB model for Weeks 11-16 is below in case there are other options on waivers that would work better. I also do a weekly streaming post with models and recommendations for QBs, TEs and DSTs if you want to check that out. My Week 11 post is here. Comments and feedback are welcome.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Thanks for the breakdown! My playoffs in this league is actually weeks 13/14 so it looks like wentz is a good bet against MIA and NYG

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