QB Tilt KIrk or Dalton

So I drafted Kirk Cousins but he has averaged only 10 fantasy points in week 1 over the last 4 years, I grabbed the Red Rocket Andy Dalton off the waiver wire. Would you start Dalton against the Colts or run with Capt. Kirk.
Thanks for the help guys

I like Cousins at home.

I understand your reasoning, however, Minnesota’s offensive pieces made Case Keenum look good…Case. Keenum.

Don’t be one of those guys that just looks at history without context.

Cousins is on a totally different team, huge home favorites with a plethora of new offensive weapons. Who gives a shit what he did in week 1 in last 4 years.

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He is on a very run heavy team and they are going to be winning so they will be running the ball a lot more and I understand it’s a whole different situation but I was just asking advice if Andy dalton would be a better play this week than cousins

I thought i made it pretty clear per the above. Sure they’ll run a decent amount but they also aren’t going to run the ball 50 times. Cousins will go out there and still throw for 30. I’ll take 30 attempts by cousins at home against a 49ers secondary over 30 attempts by Dalton away at IND. IND also sucks, so bengals could also run a decent amount too.

I can see the colts/ bengals being a shoot out with Andrew Luck being back. Bengals colts O/U is 48 and Vikings/ 49ers is O/U is 42

Sounds like you already have your mind made up. I already said what I had to say. If you want to play dalton over cousins still, go for it.

Not sure where you getting your lines from, but they are wildly incorrect.

Sure its over 48. Implies 27 points for Bengals based on spread.

Vikings total is 46. based on spread, implied points for vikings is 29.

Do with that what you want, but if your going to play a streamer over a top end QB on a home favorite team, I don’t know what to tell you.

I think I’m going to start Cousins and try a dfs line up with Dalton, thanks for the help though

Pro tip: Bet the under on the Indy/Cinc game if you looking to make money. That’s my favorite bet of the week. Only one that is better was the under on the philly game which I cashed last night.

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