QB Trade Advice - Murray or Brisette?

Hi - Not sure what to do. I was offered Kyler Murray for J Brisset in a 2QB league. I think I like Murray better, but taking the trade would leave me with only 1 QB week 12 because of Bye week conflicts. Still worth doing ?

Yes, 100% worth doing. Your team will not look the same week 12 as it does now. If it does then you had 0 injuries and week 12 won’t matter because you’re in playoffs or you stopped paying attention and week 12 won’t matter so you have no shot at playoffs. Always take the better player and worry about bye weeks later.

Side note, in a 2QB league, its a good idea to roster 3 QBs so you can stream from your bench. Who is available on waivers?

For sure… on my team I have Rivers and Geoff (LA Duo) with Brisett in the bench… in the league the only Starter QB not on a team would be the Jax one (Michew )