QB Trade- Am I even in the right building?

(Heads up to start, I know it’s a trade topic, but I’m not a footclan member, so “general” is all I can use. Changing it locks me out)

Full PPR. This league hoards QBs (2 each, some 3) and I need a steady QB. It’s also really difficult to get trades to happen.

I’m looking at the Rodgers/Rivers owner who is 0-4-1 and thinking about offering something like Sanders + Hines for Sony + either QB. Am I even in the right zone? I have some WR depth. Am I getting enough? Are they? I could throw in Bortles if necessary.

Should I take Hines4Sony out of it?

You’ll probably need to take the RB’s out, but might as well start there. Sanders plus Bortles for Rivers seems like it should get it done. If the other owner would start Sanders each week, that should be a no-brainer. You might also wait a week and go after Stafford on the bye if his owner has a decent alternative.

Bortles might be ok for a bit. With Fournette out he threw 60 times and despite 4 picks, put up 20 points.

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Stafford owner is 4-1 and also has Cousins. He did have a few underperform this week, but I doubt he’ll take anything from me.


Bortles finally showed up, but his floor scares me. My previous streams were:

Mariota 1.6
Tyrod 14.4
Blake. 8.9
Fitz 3

…so I’d love to have someone more consistent. It’s only a 10-person league, but they are hanging on to so many QBs. Waivers are pretty bare.