QB trade for playoff schedule

Trade offer: I get Russell Wilson and Lamar Miller. I give Kirk Cousins and Marlon Mack. I have Trubisky, Maccaffrey, David Johnson, and Dalvin Cook. Should I trade

I like Mack more ROS. Trubi has a really nice schedule ahead and is playing well. I’m inclined to say just roll with Trubi.

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You’ve got a lot of RB depth so see if you can package trade Mack plus a WR or Cousins for an upgrade at RB or WR position

Russell’s situation is scary. He’s not throwing much and it appears his RB’s are all healthy enough to play. His OC is a old school run guy and to top it off Lamar Miller could lose touches when D’onta Foreman returns.

If i were going to target a upgrade at QB, it would have to be someone clearly better than Trubi. I’d be looking towards Brees, Goff, or Luck, and pay up a bit more for one of those guys. Trubi is real solid ROS by my estimation.

What i just recently did is target Brees from a guy who also owned and preferred Goff. Brees has an amazing schedule through week 16 of almost all shootouts. Gave him Cousins and the Bears D for Brees. Also picked up Trubi as a feel in if needed.