Qb trade!Help

12 team .5 ppr 4 point qb td
I have
RB David Johnson, James Conner, Chris Carson, D. Singletary, Latavius Murray.
WR Robert Wood, Tyler Lockett, DJ Moore, D. Pettis, DD Westbrook.
My Qb is Jameis Winston.
I can trade James Conner away
Matt Ryan & Julian Edelman.!?
What you guys think

I would hold on to connor. Winston can be a good fantasy QB, better than Ryan imo. I know youre stronger at rb than wr but i dont think edelman is a big enough upgrade to trade connor, and I’m a new england fan haha.

I actually just sent out a trade
Dante Pettis for Josh Allen
But yeah I don’t want to get rid of Conner and I have been hearing a lot of hype about Edelman this year.

Being .5 ppr makes things more interesting for edelman for sure, but he is so td dependent. Thats the only reason i question him at all. But he will be so consistent so it may be worth it.

Jameis isn’t a bad QB to have, it would be best to stream and not give away the much more valuable skill positions like RB. Conner is too much to give for those two.

I’m keeping Conner.o
I’m not giving up my RBs, I got too much value there.
My WR had me a little worried but I’m starting to like there potential A lot.
I’m going to hope Josh Allen has a bad week one and try and trade for him and get the Allen/Singletary stack.

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