QB trade help!

I have both Cam Newton and Josh Allen. Which one should I trade and why?

Depends on your league format. Me personally i think Josh Allen is a solid dynasty QB for years to come. Cam is massive and will be the Pats QB i believe until they get a new tom brady and that could be in the 2021 draft. I would package Cam in a Trade.

If this is for dynasty, I’d definitely move Cam. Allen has an offense built around him. The bills should be competitive for years to come.

Cam looks great, especially for fantasy with that jumbo package near the goal line, however who knows how long his body can hold up or where he’ll be playing next year.

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Thanks for the help @BigDnelson13 and @chris1171626! This is for a redraft league. I lost Barkley and am looking to trade one of my QBs to get a new star RB. Both Cam and Allen have been shining so far, so I don’t want to trade away the one that could be a league winner.

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