QB trade looming

I need to trade for a QB. How would you ranking the following QBs rest of season:

Wilson (I currently have him, but looking to upgrade)

Even though you are down on Wilson he is throwing plenty of TDs right now. He normally has a very strong second half of the year too. The weird thing about him is his lack of rushing this year. With that said you knew coming into the year that he wouldn’t have that many yards as he never does. My target would be someone like Cam as he already had his bye so you get an extra game

My original post is a bit misleading. Just to provide some more info, I would actually be keeping Wilson as well. I have both Lockett and Baldwin.

So the trade would be either Lockett or Baldwin for either Wentz or Luck. I’m thinking Lockett for Wentz.

With that said, would you say to stand pat with Wilson, Baldwin, and Lockett?

I wouldn’t no. I would def trade Lockett for something for sure. He can’t keep scoring what seems like every week.

Do you think Lockett for Wentz is a big enough upgrade from Wilson, or do I stick with Wilson and target a non-QB for Lockett?

Interest turn of events:

I offered another owner Lockett for Corey Clement. Stand pat with Wilson at QB (I’ll just stream this week) and trade Lockett in order to upgrade at RB?

I def like Clement’s chance to be the guy there assuming they don’t bring in Mccoy