QB Trade Question123

Qb’s got taken quick in league and I decided to wait on one and got Mitch Trubisky. 12 team league 1/2 PPR and not very good streaming qb’s left on waivers.

Should I trade trubisky and ekeler for Matt Ryan?

My other RB’s are-
Dion Lewis

I probably wouldn’t, your RBs look deep now but Freeman and Michel are both injury prone and I’d very much prefer Ekeler especially early in the season.

What if it was

Mitch/ekeler for Ryan/lat Murray

I’d see what you have with Mitch tbh. It seems people have him as a breakout candidate. Then Ryan is great but he also has some issues with his Oline that can impede his production

Yeah I’m thinking about just keeping Mitch

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I agree, see what happens week 1 at least, you can obviously trade later

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