QB Trade Value

We play two QB’s per week in my league. QB’s are Brees, Wentz, Winston, and Watson. I feel like Brees is a keeper, out of the other three who has the best trade Value?

Right now I reckon you can sell Watson very high

I am in a 2 QB league also. I have Winston and Wentz along with Goff. I would definetly trade one because 4 is a lot to keep. I agree with Adam above. Watson has the best trade value here. But I get tons of offers for Wentz (I deny them all).
I would Keep the 3 and trade Watson.

Thanks guys! I definetly want to put up Watson for trade but my buddy wants to give me Fitzgerald for him. I feel like Watson is worth more than Fitz

Potentially if you can get a good rb in as well it’s worth considering. Fitz is the number 1 wr on the highest passing team in the league. If you can get someone around Alvin samara level rb, pass catching rb, it’d be worth considering.