QB trade values

0.5 PPR 12 team league and I see a guy with both newton and Goff rostered at QB. He hasn’t started Goff once this year and has big need at wr and Rb. I’d like to make an offer but how much do you spend in this situation. Would something like Amari cooper and buck Allen be an over or under spend?

I wouldnt give him a RB1 or WR1.

Not sure he would take Cooper when he potentially makes you better. You are going to have to come with an offer that makes him better week in and out. If you are talking 2-1 you can try it but if he has a ‘big need’ I am not sure adding those two will help him that much. If you can tank his team with Cooper and pick Goff that would be great for you but I don’t see it happening realistically.

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From a positional standpoint the players that could be in play are:

RB: lynch, r. freeman, jones, Allen
WR: Baldwin, Gordon, M. Williams, Cole, Cooper

No way I could part with M. Gordon or D. Adams in this deal. As you said it would be too big of problem for me. From what I can see his rb2 and WR2 are the problem slots. He is the McCoy owner and has nothing for bye weeks at this point at RB that is even start worthy. He’s been forced to start shady even through injury.

If it were me and I needed RB help then Lynch would be interesting.

That would not be an overspend for you at all. Also depends on QB streaming options in your league.

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I picked Mariota off waivers to stream this week. The decision was either him or Alex Smith. The remainder in waivers include Trubisky; Tannehill, Manning. Prescott; and the rookies mayfield, Rosen, and Allen.

Also Do you think I have the running back depth to absorb the loss of lynch if that is the person I need to deal?

maybe package cooper with lynch… also sell the heck out of the benefit that he’s getting depth out of the deal.

while generally startable assets aren’t supposed to be traded for QB’s, I dumped Dalvin Cook to the Matt Ryan owner because I was desperate and Alex Smith is the only streaming option in my league with everyone rostering 2 QB’s…

That scares the crap out of me. Cook could easily be a RB1 when healthy…

The Lev Bell owner wants Matt Ryan and has already offered me a trade involving the 2 plus draft picks. I will think about dealing him away as we get closer to Bell’s return… I want to see this Falcon’s game because that is kind of make or break for Conner. If he can’t perform today, then Bell should be in line for immediate work and I’ll roll the dice… The offer he made this week was Wilson/Bell and 4th round pick for Matty Ice and Ingram… Figure something else can be worked out…