QB - Trade

Trade Rivers and Evan Engram for Brees. The guy needs a TE (He’s currently starting Hurst lol)

i feel like rivers and brees are on the same tier fantasy wise and your losing a possible top 5 fantasy tight end when he gets back to 100% so honestly feel like he wins that trade if you make it.

I forgot to mention I have Burton as my starter

Depends on your TE, but I’d honestly maybe think about this one a bit. Brees is on bye this week, so he can’t help you right now, and he wasn’t that great last year, when Ingram and Kamara were the focus of the offense.

Ingram is back now, so I’m a bit worried about Brees continuing his current pace. I’m actually trying to sell high on Brees at the moment.

even in that case i dont see any value in the trade a lot of people are selling high on brees now due to that last game. with mark ingram back it they will probably go back to their ways of last season and try running the ball more with him and kamara. seems like youd get the same type of production and the other guy keeps QB production but now has a starting tight end.

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I guess you guys have a point… I’ll just curl up in the corner and cry as my fantasy team slowly dies. Im getting desperate, trying to make trades and no one wants to trade with me so Im looking at unconventional trades like TE for QB or D/ST. Idk.