QB Tyrod or Case

Would you pick up Tyrod or Case Keenum? Whos better ROS?

Hard to know with the Peterman debacle. Essentially Keenan is doing everything he can to be relevent but still relies on good def. but tyrod in theory if reinstated has better match ups. Id wait until news breaks about bills starters and if yes tyrod is the way to go.

I agree. Tyrod was named starter. Unfortunately some one snaked him with a higher priority. I’m now looking at Manning, Flacco, Fitz Patrick, Brisket, Garapolo, Lynch, McCown or the F-4 mentioned case Keenum.

Ah man. I think the ballers mentioned brissett as a streamer this week but I’d have a listen to them or check out the article. Otherwise I’d say case is the best qb on the list but may not translate into as many fantasy points as you’d get from streaming weekly