Qb upgrade for playoffs trade help needed!

So I am 6-2 in my full point PPR league and am looking to possibly upgrade at QB with an eye on the playoffs…I currently have Cousins and between the o-line issues and his matchups he has me worried. We start only 1 RB in my league but 2 flexes.

My current RB’s: Hunt, Freeman, Ingram, Kamara, McFadden, Morris

Was offered the following deal:

I give up Cousins and Ingram, I get Derek Carr, Tevin Coleman and Jordan Howard.

I love Carr’s fantasy playoff matchups and get my handcuff for Freeman as well as a workhorse in Howard even though he is on a bad offense…but Ingram has been a stud…

Would y’all do this deal?

I don’t like it at all to be honest. I am really low on Carr this year. Fantasypros Rest of Season rankings has top 5 as:

  1. Brady
  2. Prescott
  3. Russell Wilson
  4. Deshaun Watson
  5. Drew Brees

Cousins is at 8. and Carr is at 17.

I wouldn’t target any other QB unless they are in that top 5. I think the best will be Russell Wilson or Brady. They always finish the year so strong.

Unfortunately I can’t pry Wilson or Brady away…wow I am surprised they are so low on him with the matchups coming Carr’s way…they are juicy! hmm…

Another to target would be Rothlesberger. He plays Baltimore (Tough so maybe choose another week 14) then NE worst passing defense, then Houston 4th worst, then Cleveland 8th worst. I bet you can get him cheap.

Yeah I was thinking of getting Big Ben too even if I did this deal for Carr’s bye next week…

Carr’s upcoming schedule is: Miami, Bye, NE, Den (blech), Giants, KC, Dallas, Philly…Outside of Denver those are some juicy ones…don’t like him even with those?

They are definitely Juicy! I just don’t trust him this year. He has no consistency and hasn’t been what he used to be. On top of that you are giving up Ingram who I think is going to have a break out rest of season. I think Cousins for Carr would be a good deal but I don’t like the other moving parts. You would also have to drop someone from your bench. Do you have someone who is droppable?

Yeah I definitely agree about Ingram which is why I hesitate…I have two D’s at the moment (Baltimore and Cincy) so I can definitely drop Cincy and also have doctson on my bench along with Corey Davis so I’d probably drop Cincy and then Doctson if I needed another spot for something…

Go with your gut on it. Mine says you can get better options for cheaper, but it seems like you believe in Carr!

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Oh and our playoffs start in week 13…Ben has a tough matchup that week too grr

What are your thoughts?