QB upgrade & Melvin Gordon for AJ Green? Trade details inside

Hey Footclan! I lost Rodgers a week ago, and I’m facing a mini byepocalypse next week. Should I make this trade?

Receive: AJ Green, McKinnon, Wentz
Trade away: Hogan (wk 9 Bye), Gordon (wk 9 Bye), Rivers

Here’s the rest of my team. Half PPR:

QB: Rivers, Taylor

RB: Gordon, Freeman, Thompson, Cohen, Dion Lewis, and Darkwa

WR: Mike Thomas, Adams, Jeffery, Hogan, And Parker

I’d take that trade all day. Green (had bye) is going to get his for sure (drafted him every year, may be biased lol) and wentz is the real deal. I’m not “all in” on McKinnon though but who knows, he’s def got the talent to become an asset. It’s good you have Taylor as a backup and will instantly add plug and play QB 1 and WR1 to your lineup.


My only concern is losing that solid RB2 in Gordon. With McKinnon, Thompson, Lewis and Darkwa… do I have enough at RB2 to survive?

Bump for morning team

I’d do that trade no doubt

Thanks Jay. Without Gordon, you think I have an RB2 to play every week?

It’d be a rotation of McKinnon, Lewis, Darkwa and Thompson

Also, would you rather have Alshon or Hogan rest of Season?

O hell ya ur good wit rbs…and id go hogan over alshon