QB Upgrade? Playoff Push!

6-4 in 12 team Full PPR league and currently in 3rd place on standings. My league’s playoffs are weeks 13-15 and I’m thinking that I may need an upgrade at QB. Some options:

ROS from weeks 11-15:

I currently have Mariota: Steelers, Colts, Texans, Cardinals, 49ers
Derek Carr: Patriots, Broncos, Giants, Chiefs, Cowboys
Blake Bortles: Browns, Cardinals, Colts, Seahawks, Texans
Tyrod Taylor: Chargers, Chiefs, Patriots, Colts, Dolphins

Do I make a trade for any QBs at the moment with my current roster?

QB: Mariota, Dalton
RB: Bell, Ajayi, Damien Williams, Marlon Mack
WR: Woods, JuJu, Robby Anderson, Benjamin
TE: Engram, Cook
DST: Jaguars
K: Zuerlein

Mariota’s got a great schedule except for the Thursday game at Pittsburgh. Is there a good option you could just stream this week? Bortles at Cleveland or Manning vs. KC might be worth it.

QBs on waivers are:

Cutler vs TB
Gabbert vs HOU
Savage vs ARI
Osweiler vs CIN
Trubisky vs DET
Flacco vs GB

my choices are very sad lol

bumping up!

Update: Tyrod and Bortles have appeared on waivers and I picked up Cutler.
I am currently streaming cutler against TB and using Mariota for his playoff schedule.

Do I use Cutler or Bortles as a streaming option this week?
Do I pick up Tyrod for his later production in playoffs?