QB Upside Send Assistance

With Leonard not doing very hot yesterday (Pooping in his big boy pants)

I need the QB with the most upside, need most points

Lamar Jackson
Deshaun Watson

Lamar Jackson has the most upside. He goes up a terrible defense and runs the ball which is more points. I would go Lamar Jackson for sure. You could play Goff but he is up and down. For a high ceiling I would go Jackson

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I would say Jackson would have the most upside because of his running ability against a terrible chiefs defense. Goff is a great qb, but you have to worry about the cold weather that might make it a gurley game. Watson wouldn’t be terrible either, just Jackson has a better matchup.

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Thank you both. With the shoulder injury I do worry about Watson. I also feel Jackson will be good because Chiefs are going to score points so Jackson will have to run/throw a lot to keep up. Do you worry about the INT percentage of him throwing a lot?

I think he’s ability to run takes away any negative points he gets from turnovers.