QB Waiver Bonanza

I have Cousins…1/2PPR

Some crazy folks dropped Big Ben and Russell Wilson…who should I aim for?

Wilson clears tonight, Ben tomorrow…

Big Ben!!! He’s home this week and is always good at home, for this week but Russell Wilson I would take longer term over cousins, can you pick up both!?

Might be able to. Just have to decide who to drop. Little nervous bout carrying 2 QBs…albeit 2 good QBs…

Who should I drop?
Kelvin Benjamin
Robby Anderson
Brandon Marshall

I would drop Anderson based on lack of targets. I know it’s one week but I would rather have Marshall (who should see an up tick from last week given Baldwin’s injury) and you can’t drop Kelvin just yet. He was probably drafted the highest and has seen the most targets from his team. The argument could be made to drop Kelvin and keep Anderson because he could become more involved and appears to have a slightly better QB.