QB waiver help tannehill n fields

I have tannehill and fields but daniel jones, cousins and carr are on the wire at the moment in a 10 team full ppr.

I have henry and allen robinson and am wondering if I should drop any qb for one of the waiver qbs.

4pt passing tds
-2 ints
3pt 50+yd passing td bonus

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No I think Tannehill is still the play here.

I almost think I would grab Carr or Jones over Fields sooner than later. Dalton is supposed to get the job back when he’s healthy as of right now. You might want to wait a week to see if Fields has a good outing or two, but the longer you wait on the other two then someone is going to need a QB and get them and both are raking for fantasy right now.

I suppose it’s the age old question of which is better rest of season. I don’t watch a lot of college and don’t know Fields well enough.

Jones fumbles and cousins doesn’t have wheels but rookies also are week and don’t have the start for sure.

You’re probably fine as is.

Cousins is my favorite of those available QB and I like him basically as much as Tannehill, but I don’t think you necessarily need to make a move here.

If you drafted Fields, you might as well wait to see what you’ve got just in case this turns into an RGIII situation now that he’s getting a chance to start.

I have a similar predicament. I have Tannehill and fields also. I looked to the waivers because of Tannehill’s poor play but I think I need to ride him at least one more week. He has weapons and good coaching.

I have this problem in two leagues so I split it. One league I kept it untouched.

The other I dropped tannehill for carr. (The one with the above rules)

Did you all listen to the podcast today? This question came up and I believe they said fields over Tanny. Could be remembering wrong…

I have the exact same issue. I have held onto Tannehill for now. He has a easier schedule I think.