Qb waiver question

I have Brady and Daniel Jones in a 1 qb, 6 pt td league. Should I drop one or both? Tannehill, Goff, wentz, Stafford, and Herbert are out there.

im looking at some waiver QB’s too. I just saw Jones hit the waviers and im sure people are holding TB for the hope he turns up as season goes on.

Im between Big Ben (current QB) and Tannehill / Wentz/ Herbert as well.

Herbert looked really good coming in with barely any notice of being the starter, i would ideally like one more week before jumping that ship.

Tannehill is interesting as he has played really well so far and MIN has been pretty poor so far this year against the QB.

I’d personally drop Jones for Tannehill and hold TB for hope that they figure it out as the season progresses

True, I was looking at Goff and tannehill…I liked jones, but without the security blanket of Barkley, it makes me nervous.