QB Wasteland and Big Ben

Hi Footclan, I am in a 10 team league with 4 point QB and decided to punt the quarterback this year at the draft. I have been streaming every week, and decided to stream Big Ben this week against the Eagles. Most teams in the league have rostered 2 QBs, so the options have been rough this year (through 4 weeks I never have scored 20+ from the QB position). Is it worth considering keeping Big Ben rest of season with his steady floor of 15+ with a solid remainder of the team that normally comes through (Reek, Zeke, and Kittle)? Thanks.

Do you have another QB? And what else is available?

Big Ben will be picked up by someone else if you drop.

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The players available aren’t fantastic (I just dropped Burrow for Big Ben this week and outbid someone for him). I also don’t have a second QB since my bench consists of all players I wouldn’t want to drop. Here is what’s available:

There are some fine QBs available. I think I’d grab Tannehill, but Burrow keeps getting better. Plenty of good options there. Even Fitzmagic has been solid other than week 1.

I see your point but Burrow and Tannehill have brutal schedules coming up soon.