QB Week 14

Having trouble deciding on a QB this week. It’s first round of playoffs and I have Josh Allen and Kyler on my roster. No one good on waivers:

Kyle Allen
Derek Carr

Who would you start? I have Allen in right now as I think he has a higher floor, but Baltimore has been stout against fantasy QBs. This could be the last week that Allen has value if he even has any this week.

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Kyle Allen against Atlanta is a very good bet. Two straight 20+ games and now he sees def allowing 2nd most fp to qbs.

Most of the waiver options are not very attractive plays. Here is how my QB model has them each projected the next three weeks in case it matters for who you roster:
K. Allen - QB23, 27, 31
Carr - QB27, 21, 29
Rivers - QB22, 22, 10
Hodges* - QB3, 22, 3
Minshew - QB29, 13, 15
Lock - QB13, 18, 9
Dalton - QB15, 31, 6
Blough* - QB21, 7, 25

*I would prefer not play any of these guys this week as their projections are based on very sample sizes and new QBs often start to struggle from their second or third game when teams get some tape on them.

Of these options, I would probably take a chance on Hodges if I really needed a big game possibility. Otherwise I would take Dalton. My model is below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!

Please check out my Week 14 streaming post where I provide weekly and rest-of-season rankings, scoring projections and waiver recommendations for QBs, TEs and DSTs. Comments and feedback are welcome. Thanks!

I have this exact same decision and I am going Josh Allen. Steelers defense is too good and Ravens defense can be scored on