QB WK6 - Wentz or Baker?

Do I start:
Wentz @ Giants tonight
Baker vs Chargers on Sunday?

6 points passing TD
1 point every 25 yards passing
-2 points for INT
2 bonus for 300-399 passing game
5 bonus for 400+ passing game
1 point bonus for 50+ yard passing TD score

anyone guys? I need to decide before tonights game eek!

I am going with Wentz, personally, but even if I wasn’t he would still be my pick.

Really? I was gonna start Baker nooooo

This is very close for me tbh but I’m probably going baker at home.

Baker put up 340+ yards against one of the leagues best Defenses. First one to do so against baltimore this season. They’re also at home, with a great defense.

Philly is on the road against an underrated giants D. Even brees struggled against them. If Wentz was 100% and fully into things like he was last year, I’d say wentz. But I think he’s still getting familiar with things.

I’m personally playing baker. I’m starting Baker over Ben this week as well.

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he is available on the waiver… should I pick him up?

I might agree with MikeMeUpp. Its close for me too but the chargers defense hasnt been great and the weather tonight is the deal breaker. thunderstorms in the forecast

Yeah that’s what I was thinking, thanks man. I droped Ben from my team and picked up Baker for this very reason, plus Bakers favourable schedule the next few weeks, I think he can be a good auto start.

5 quarters a game, It’s Baker-Time

With Stafford on bye I picked up Wilson…Still have the option to grab Mayfield. I’m leaning on dropping Wilson for Baker. Do I pull the trigger :frowning:

Go with Mayfield

I went with Baker anyway, hope you guys do well this week, thanks for the input from all of you.
Weather looks bad in NYC, it’s pretty bad here in Ireland too so I hope thats a sign lol