QB/WR combos that will have a break out season

which QB/WR combos are people looking at for this years draft that will have a break out season?

I am looking at Daniel Jones (will pass for 4,000 + yards and 30 TD’s) and Darius Slayton (will surpass 1,000 yards)

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a breakout, but I can see Baker and OBJ definitely performing higher than current expectations. And Sutton has already kind of broke out, but him and Lock would be another pair that have a huge season

Drew Lock and Tim Patrick could be a high risk high reward partnership as well if he establishes a clear WR2 status, and doesn’t share targets with Daesean Hamilton.

What’s your view on Jimmy G and Kendrick Bourne? Bourne is considered to be WR2 next year behind Samuel, but then Pettis has been told to step up after an awful season last year. Goodwin will be traded after draft missing 12 games last 2 seasons and only being a deep threat mean a rookie WR could be WR3/4 for 49ers instead for less money.