QB/WR Help for Week 8! 1-6 and at risk for getting the sacko!

This is really a SOS for my team, but QB is my most pressing issue at the moment. 1/2 PPR league. $32 left of FAAB. Lowest bid is $1.00. 14 man league that is super competitive. This year we are doing keepers (plan on keeping Bell).
I had Carson Palmer for QB.
Greg Olsen is in my IR.

QB: Waiver Wire Options

I’m thinking going for McCown, but here are my players on my team if you think I can work out a trade for someone like Tyrod Taylor or Drew Brees…

RB: Bell, Kamara, L.Miller, Derek Henry
WR: this is also where my team needs help Demaryius Thomas, Funchess, Watkins, Maclin, Tyrell Williams, Sterling Shepard
TE: Ed Dickson

I am so frustrated with my team, but I am desperate for a win. I listen each week and spend so much time trying to work trades but I can’t get anything going! Any help is much needed and greatly appreciated!

I can definitely see picking up either McCown or Carr (Oakland doesn’t have the best matchup this week, but going forward he could bounceback). I definitely agree though that you need some WR help, I think looking at trading Henry, maybe to the Demarco owner or an RB needy team, could help you out. Working trades is always difficult because it’s so hypothetical, but just keep working on it and hope someone from your league bites!