QB & WR issues

2 week playoff matchup. Full PPR.

After 1 week I am up 130 - 124. My opponent just lost Wentz and picked up Bortles. I feel like I have the advantage so I am leaning towards playing safe. Which players would you guys play?

QB - Goff / Foles / Garoppolo

WR- (Pick 2) Baldwin / Goodwin / T. Hill / Nelson

Rest of my team is:

Raven’s D/ST

I am leaning towards the Garoppolo / Goodwin stack over Baldwin but I know Doug has high upside. Like said before I feel like I lean towards trying to be safe.

Thanks Guys!

Dude your team is beastly. For me it’s Goff and Baldwin and Goodwin. I like Hill, but his production is unpredictable and Doug has a high floor.

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Thanks man. I outdrafted everyone and did some killer trades thanks to the footballers.

I’m not sure I can trust Goff. He is playing Seattle IN Seattle. They other 2 just have juicer matchups.

Can I really bench Hill though? He has basically been a stud this year and played well last game against the Chargers… I would say Baldwin is safe but looking back at his stats the past 6 weeks and if you take the TD’s away he isn’t that great. 2 games of only 2 receptions… :cry:

Just go with your gut. IMO I’d rather start the guys I’m confident in and then if I lose at least I don’t regret it. There’s nothing worse than going down wishing you started other guys when you knew they’d go ham.