QB WR Stack or ride out the magic

Hey footclan, see the pics below… my opponent has cousins/thielen stack and put up some heavy points last night. Do i ride out my qb choice of fitzmagic or should i pick up eli manning and stack eli/obj to match hers. Thoughts?


bump just curious what the footclans thoughts are

This is interesting. Generally I would say go with Fitzpatrick if you really want the ceiling, but given the very stark difference in matchup, and Fitzpatrick falling slightly back to earth, I think I would lean the Eli side for this circumstance.

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im feeling it too but id have to drop aaron jones from my bench or fitz

I don’t know how comfortable you feel dropping Fitzpatrick and streaming every week. That would be my preference in this scenario, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, I would rather ride with Fitz than drop a valuable asset for Eli.

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Only reason I had the ability to pickup Eli was I had a roster spot open… Either roll with Fitz or drop him and stream QB’s…

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i pulled the trigger and picked up eli manning. i figured if OBJ doesnt score this week anyway ill lose so i stacked the two. Mack + the rest of the D on the bears scared me to start fitz too

I would play Eli over Fitz even without the stack tbh.

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the over under is like 50 points, and the last time these teams played it was 52-49 a couple years ago

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Yeah listening to todays podcast helped too

I’d do the Eli OBJ stack regardless of your opponent honestly. Fitz @ Chicago is a rough matchup.

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Yup that’s what I ended up doing. Still stuck on my other league. I have fitz and Eli/Stafford are on waivers