QB/WR Stacks

Alright guys,
I was thinking about trying to get Odell this year, so how does the
Odell/Baker Stack Sound??’

The other stack I was looking at would be…
Goff w/ Woods or Kupp

PPR Redraft 3wr

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Prefer the Goods, (Goff + Woods). At least Goff has done it once before for a full season, and McVay is a MUCH MUCH better offensive mind thant whoever is about the be fired in Cleveland this year.

I think that OBJ is the most talented WR in the entire league, but the offense as a whole may not really help him. I think they’ll be a run heavy team with low pass volume. Doesn’t make for a good stack. The Rams on the other hand will be forced to throw a lot this season, so I’d probably lean with the Rams stack.

So Kupp or Woods then
And I agree I love OBJ as a WR and I just wish he was good on my team haha