QB2 - Jimmy G, Heinicke, or Fields

Topic title says it all - this is assuming that Fields is named the starter if Dalton can’t go.

In a 2QB league (4 pt TDs) and have Josh Allen as my QB1. Had Fitzmagic as my original QB2, but have had to pivot. Jimmy G is vs Packers, Heinicke vs Bills, and Fields vs Browns.


Update: Fields all but confirmed will be starting this week, so it’s truly Fields/Jimmy/Heinicke

Anyone else? I know probably slim pickings in 2 qb league.

Only starter on waivers is David Mills…lol

I’m 2-0 and the rest of my team is pretty loaded, so I should be in good shape. Plus Josh Allen can only get better, let’s hope!

It’s a coin toss this week, but probably fields for the rushing upside. We saw what Jalen did last year for Eagles in only a few games so there could be scoring upside there.

I’m leaning that way too - thanks!