QBs and tes

I’m new to dynasty not fantasy. I usually take one QB and TE late and stream the rest of the year. How many QBs and TEs do I roster on a dynasty team? What’s popular?

This is dependent on the roster size and starting requirements.

Start one QB and one TE?
What is the max roster size allowed in your league?

Im fairly new to dynasty but here’s my two cents: if this is the first year, spend first 10-12 drafting as you normally would, while keeping age and rookies in mind of course, then later in the draft when you would normally build depth, take a rookie qb or a 2nd year guy like trubisky or mahomes. I think you’d probably already have a solid TE by then who’ll be around a while like Ertz or Engram.

Start 1 QB and 1TE and 1 flex if you want to get specific. Bench size is 15. I was rostering 2 of each but just wanted some opinions

For QB I would take one solid starter and then a younger starter such as goff or winston. Then for TE try to get one of the big three and add a second guy that has the chance to be really good like Kittle or Njoku.
If you have the room add another TE if you get multiple good TE they are gold to trade with.