QBs in Great Britain

With stafford on bye this week…

I have two QB options excluding trading options which is a pretty stingy scene in my league.

Carson Palmer


Jared Goff

I’ve read that some weird things can happen in London, and the podcast revealed Goff might be the safer decision. This is going to be a tough week and any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated guys! Thanks again!

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Yes, Goff.

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As someone who lives not far from London, I can tell you that weird things can happen.

I’d start Goff.


TBH…I’ve got a feeling that Palmer is still gonna pull it off…London or not. And yeah…most London games seem to be duds for the most part…but…I think if anybody can pull it off there, Palmer is one you can’t blow off. It could be close between him and Goff…but…if I had to make the decision for my own team…yeah…I’d take the risk with Palmer. Hope I don’t mess you up my friend.

LOL…hope I don’t have to eat my words here.

You definitely made me think, I need to listen to the podcast and see what the boys have to say… honestly I’m leaning Goff but Palmer has put up better numbers. I’m just worried because Palmer is a veteran, Goff a rookie. And London is a LONG way from California (I guess Arizona too) I see the veteran having better adjustment, but maybe Goff will blow up…

Tough call, but I was thinking the same thing stated about the experience being a big factor. Additionally, I think adding AP and a healthy J. Brown help Palmer. D will now have to worry about the run game and won’t be able to just drop back in coverage the entire game. This should open up the passing lanes for Palmer. With J. Brown coming in healthy, he offers that deep ball threat as well. Having said all that, it is London, so who knows?

Thank you for the advice, really appreciate you guys taking the time to spell it out for me- at this point I’m going with Palmer who is a veteran, been more consistent and hopefully has less WR coverage… queen Elizabeth help us all haha

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I played Dan Bailey too!!!.. he and Palmer combined for 5.88 total points. Thanks for your input and taking the time to respond regardless!

But I still won the week!!! Opponent fell asleep and played sterling shepherd, and had a bad week as well so I got extremely lucky. Still waiting on Jeffrey to play this evening but unless he goes -30 I will be in the win putting me up to 4-3!

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WOW. TY for letting us know. Always feel bad when my decisions screw me up, but feel REALLY horrible if I think I might have screwed somebody else up…as in…“you idiot…you should have just kept your mouth shut!!!” LOL…

Anyway…this is kinda comical because almost the EXACT same thing happened for me. My matchup had Golden Tate starting on his BYE and Amari Cooper (47 pts) on his bench. With his other WR’s on the bench injured, Cooper was his only other choice. I’ve got Cousins starting tonight which is why Palmer was sitting, so…unless The Capt flops major and ends up with -29 tonight I’ve got this one. Not in as decent shape as you…I’ll be 3-4, but I DESPERATELY needed this win.

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LOL…well…London’s reputation didn’t let us down huh? BUT…WOW…“who’da thunk it” would have happened like that??? GEEZ!!! And I thought last year was the season from hell with injuries.

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