QB's to start Jimmy G or Tyrod?

In my draft this week my computer crapped out on my and autodrafted my last 6 rounds of picks. In that autodraft it picked Jimmy G for me. The question I’m asking is should I stay with Jimmy G or the WW

Options are:
Jimmy G
Tyrod Taylor
Marcus M
Andy Dalton

Help me out guys, please and ill return the favor.

If you are all aboard the streaming QB train you don’t need to look much further than Dalton in week 1, he has the Colts who look horrible on D again this year and not a whole lot better on offense either, pretty sure he’ll get you a solid week there.

He won’t be an every week starter though, guys like Tyrod or Marcus would be better pick ups for a few weeks as their rushing floor gives them a better baseline. However Marcus has a rough opening schedule after MIA week 1 and Tyrod has week 1 and 2 vs PIT and NO that are to be avoided but i’d grab him after that if all else fails.

If he’s still there i’d maybe go Dalton week 1, Jimmy G week2 and Ty Week 3 and 4 then Marcus week 5 (Bills). You should have a lay of the land by then and there may well be better or new waiver options or QB changes. If theres a Jimmy G truther in the league who has a Rivers or Big Ben go after them but i doubt they’d trade.

Thoughts on my last trade option here:

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I think jimmy could have a good year. I think McKinnon helps him out a lot with the dump offs and will open it up more for Goodwin to have a great year. And I think Kittle is an underrated te who will have a nice year.