Quarterback decisions

I have been playing Jameis Winston for the last few weeks, but it looks like he won’t be starting anymore. I also have Philip Rivers, who I like but it was nice to have Winston to play the matchups. Rivers gets the Seahawks who are literally the toughest quarterback matchup this week. He also has a tough playoff schedule including week 16 against Baltimore. Is it worth dropping Winston and picking up Fitzpatrick, or would you rather pick up Dak Prescott who has a beautiful schedule and has been putting up rushing points. Or would you just ride with Rivers and pick up depth like Eli McGuire or Courtland Sutton? I normally don’t advocate rostering two quarterbacks but I’m not sure I would ever use that depth. Thanks.

Qb: Rivers and Winston
Rb: Mixon, Howard, D. Cook, Mccoy, C. Thompson, J. Richard
Wr: A. Brown, Hilton, J. Brown, C. Davis
Te: Njoku