Quarterback woes - ARod

Is it still too early to give up on Rodgers? I know he’s had a couple of tough match-ups, but the most frustrating thing about the whole situation is that the Packers are winning games despite Aaron’s piss poor fantasy performances. Do you guys think the passing attack will pick up, or is it time to mail it in and make a move. Thinking about streaming Stafford this week against KC instead of Rodgers and the typically slower-paced TNF games… thoughts?

I’d stick with A. Rodgers, it’s a new offense & they’ve run a bit more than in the past. Once he gets rolling IMO he’s going to blow up. I lost Brees & Ben & streamed Stafford this past weekend, 1 TD, 14 points, that’s Rodgers floor. Philly, Dallas, Detroit, Oakland & KC are next 5, stay the course!
Could you please take a look at my trade post & give me your opinion? Thanks.