Question about cheating

Ok in this league for money the commissioner has been trading with his buddies and cheating trying to make his team good he was in last and has got to 5th well he’s 7-5 and 6th-10th is 6-6 with 3 teams beating him my friend is playing one of those 6-6 teams and he has 2 players left and is already locked in the playoffs he asked if he should pull his 2 players and lose on purpose so the commish gets knocked out should he do it or play is players

Play with a full roster and beat him in the playoffs


As tempting as it would be to do that I would just do what the above said, beat him in the playoffs. Also never play in the league again and call him out as well.

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Yup it’s tempting to fight fire with fire but you want to set a precedent about how leagues should be run.